IRS Attorney Chicago

Are You Looking For An IRS Attorney Chicago?

Do you have unpaid IRS back taxes? Looking for an online IRS attorney Chicago? That may not be the most inexpensive option. It may be better to get in touch with a professional tax company that can provide you access to Taxpayer Advocates such as CPAs, lawyers and enrolled agents. You can receive quality service at an affordable price. Consulting with a tax professional instead of an IRS lawyer Chicago may be a better source of tax advice concerning the IRS. It may still be necessary to consult with IRS lawyers in Chicago, especially to ask for help with or if you need an explanation of your legal rights.

Experienced taxpayer advocates can help with many tax situations. These tax experts can help to fill out either business or personal returns, as well. Many people end up in tax debt due to misfiled returns or late tax payments. Only quick action will avoid further problems like increasing debt or collection. We have dealt with the IRS on behalf of many people in the country despite not being headquartered in their respective areas.

The best way to resolve tax debt is to pay the debt in full. Unfortunately, not many have the funds to do so. That is why it is important to seek the advice of a taxpayer advocate. Early action and financial instability could qualify a one for penalty abatement. Otherwise, the taxpayer is risking paying up to 25% more above the current balance. This in turn can cause a controlled balance with the IRS to increase out of the area of manageability. A tax expert can explain what repayment programs most benefit the individual, all in accordance with IRS guidelines.

There are many options for tax debt relief. In order to determine which one fits your financial situation, a tax debt expert reviews the taxpayer’s financial information and determines the settlement option for which that individual qualifies. The professional taxpayer advocate can opt for the Installment Agreement if they think that it would help the taxpayer more than a different plan. In this program, an IRS tax debt can be paid in small payments during a period of 60 months. Another program allows for 12 months of small payments and then 48 months with moderate increases in payment. The tax professional can best calculate which option is more beneficial by studying the financial information provided by the individual.

In other words, each payment plan is personalized to each individual’s personal situation and many details are taken into account. IRS attorneys Chicago can offer the same services but can sometimes be more expensive than a professional tax company. Only you can determine what best serves your needs. Our taxpayer debt advocates can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf in order to secure the most beneficial program. They will work together with you to come up with the best payment strategy. They can use the many resources they have which can even be more than some Chicago IRS lawyers.

We are not IRS attorneys in Chicago, or a law firm, but we do employ Taxpayer Advocates like CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other Tax Professionals who will help you resolve your unpaid tax issues. Even though we may not be in your area, we have worked with many individuals in your area and across the nation to settle their IRS debt issues. Keep in mind that only a lawyer can explain your legal rights to you. But in the case of tax debt resolution, your best bet may be a tax professional.

There are many solutions in place in order to settle your debt with the IRS and avoid other penalties, but you must contact a taxpayer advocate to receive help. Before your debt gets any worse, you should call for a free consultation. Tax experts are here to answer your questions whether or not you have an existing debt. You can find all the tax assistance you need if you call today!

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